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Goodies from SPWF WEEK - George Street Ale House

Technically, this isn’t related to SPWF…but it is so worth noting!

Also known as the surprise gastro pub that I stumbled upon in New Brunswick, NJ when the husband and I needed a real dinner away from the convention. We had gone out in search of steak, and had only glimpsed at the menu enough to notice that they had burgers and what appeared to be pub food before walking inside.


Pre-prohibition cocktails (they had a Ward 8 on the menu!) and some really, really kick ass food!

If I may share our dinner…
Pan seared scallops, blood orange risotto, gooseberry puree, pomegranate gastrique
P.E.I. mussels steamed with garlic, fennel confit, pearl onions, pernod, hand cut idaho
14oz New York strip steak, sweet potato puree, roasted asparagus, roasted mushroom demi

And an Old Fashioned with Knob Creek. Heaven!

I will most definitely be returning if the convention is in the same place next year.

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